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Zynga platform to lure social gamers in 16 languages

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Later this month, aficionados of Facebook games like CastleVille, Words with Friends and Hidden Chronicles should be able to play them and many more titles on the upcoming Zynga platform. Initiated by the company which brought forth the aforementioned offerings, this dedicated website will feature games from not only Zynga, but also from some other developers including Sava, Row Sham Bow, and MobScience.

According to the developer team, the primary goals of the platform are enhanced access to social games as well as more gamers to compete with. Internet surfers will be able to play with a larger number of friends plucked from all around the world. This will be made possible thanks to the inclusion of features like live Social Stream and more.

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“Zynga.com was created based on listening to players and understanding what they want and need to make their play time more fun and meaningful,” commented Manuel Bronstein, general manager of Zynga.com. “We are excited to give players a way to connect with other people who love to play the same games in a destination that is all and only about games. We will continue to listen to player feedback and provide even better ways for them to connect and play together.”

Furthermore, the website is designed to allow easy integration with Facebook. Users can log in with their Facebook credentials and play with other gamers who are part of their friends list on the SNS. Other highlighted attributes of this website include zFriends, player profile, and live chat. With zFriends, potential players will be able to connect to and engage in gameplay with more people outside of Facebook.

Upon release, the Zynga platform will boast of five games namely, CastleVille, Words with Friends, CityVille, Hidden Chronicles and Zynga Poker. More games from third party developers as well as Zynga will be added soon.

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