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ZVOX Audio Systems for the Tangula luxury trains in China

Tangula Train This indeed is a great news for all the travelers who will take the Tangula Luxury Trains in China, as they will now be able to experience the new surround system from ZVOX Audio.

Travelers can now enjoy watching their favorite movie on a flat screen TV with an amazing audio experience by ZVOX Audio. This virtual surround sound will further enhance the stay of the travelers which includes dual twin beds, full sized beds, en suite bathroom as well as a 24 hour butler service.

“Each suite in a Tangula train conveys sheer luxury with contemporary designs that feature soft leathers, rich woods and exotic stones,” said Terence Ronson, Managing Director of Pertlink – the IT Consultants for Tangula. “We needed to find an exceptional audio solution that would match the quality of the train design, both in sound and appearance. ZVOX has achieved that for us.”

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The ZVOX 408 system is custom-designed and is 12-volt DC-powered. This single compact enclosure gives you an excellent sound quality.

“Dealing with extremely high altitudes and sourcing power from the train’s onboard 12-volt electrical system presented some interesting challenges,” commented ZVOX President Tom Hannaher. “But the 408 looks great, sounds great and works well within the complicated environment of a high-altitude train.”

Measuring 45cm x 16cm x 17cm makes it perfect to accommodate in limited space. ZVOX is equipped with the PhaseCue technology. Every Tangula suite will have a ZVOX audio system with an in-built subwoofer. You can accordingly adjust the start-up volume, maximum volume and maximum bass limits.

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The Tangula Luxury Trains will very soon begin their journey across China through the western regions in September 2008.

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