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ZoomIn, India’s First Photo Sharing Web site launches

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Now, India has got its very own photo sharing web site called ZoomIn.com. Founded by Indian born American innovator and entrepreneur Sunny Balijepalli and Phiroze Havaldar, a veteran of the photography industry, ZoomIn.com offers consumers around the world a single place to store, share and print digital photos.

Sunny Balijepalli said, “ZoomIn will be primarily aimed at Internet and digital camera users in the country. The growth of the Internet population in India indicates demand for innovative online services, thereby justifying our approach to the market. We are committed to leading the online photo sharing market through innovation, intuitive design, fair prices, spectacular service, and exceptional quality.”

The only feature that probably sets ZoomIn apart from other photo sharing Web sites is the fact that they provide top-quality prints delivered to all major cities in India within the next business day itself.

For this, ZoomIn has a back-office and fulfillment set-up in India to print out the photos locally. The company provides professional grade-color correction to photos when required, promising the offer the highest quality prints.

It also offers sophisticated photo-sharing features that users would expect of a social-networking site in the United States. Non-Resident Indians in the US can also send photos to friends and family in India.

Most will not know that Phiroz Havaldar besides being one of India’s most renowned photography experts, is also the pioneer of the brilliant “1-hour photo” concept in India.

Phiroz Havaldar, co-founder of ZoomIn said, “India is on the threshold of a digital revolution and the Internet is playing a growing role in people’s lives around the globe. Digital photo printing is a booming market in India, and with over 30-40 million Internet users and a digital camera market clocking in unprecedented growth, there is tremendous potential for a world class offering like ZoomIn. We are confident that the company will raise the bar of photo sharing and merchandising services in India and become the leader in this space.”

And, ZoomIn is bound to shine in India for in the Indian market, the company plans to adopt a phased approach in acquiring new users to generate revenue. The company also feels that Indian expats living in the US will help to expose ZoomIn to the target in India.

Besides offering photographic prints, ZoomIn also plans to add a wide range of merchandise like photo books, greeting cards and other innovative gift items. In fact, ZoomIn will offer such products right before the holiday season of Diwali, informs Sunny.

“We are committed to fueling the Digital Photography Revolution in India,” averred Sunny.