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Zooka sound bar looks to add color, better audio to iDevices

Zooka sound bar 01

The Zooka sound bar has been developed as a portable accessory option for users who demand better sound quality from their handheld devices. Designed to connect with mobile gadgets by means of Bluetooth, it can be used with the iPhone and iPad as well as other smartphones, tablets and more.

Designed in five bright colors like orange, grey, blue, black and green, this product is yet to be made commercially available. It currently features on Kickstarter and requires a total funding of $25,000, which has already been completed. That being said, we can expect this one to grace a few phones and tablets sometime later this year.

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“Zooka was created with portability and stellar sound in mind,” expressed Patrick Triato, who contributed to Zooka’s development. “It combines the ultimate freedom of wireless high-quality sound with simple, inventive design.”

Zooka sound bar 02

Made from medical grade durable silicone, Zooka possesses two firing drivers on either end. It has been sculpted to slide on and off the device easily, without harming it. Besides exploiting the Bluetooth capability, developers have also made provisions for other means of connectivity. The forthcoming add-on comes with a 3.5mm audio input which makes it useable with some more gadgets.

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Keen users who desire to grab the sound bar soon can do so by pledging their contribution on the aforementioned website. Backing this project by offering $89 or more will be equivalent to pre-ordering this peripheral. A minimum donation of $1 is also accepted. $429 can earn customers all five shades of the audio solution, while those making a gift payment of $259 can pick up three color options.

The Zooka sound bar price for retail is revealed to be $99 and it is expected to be made available by this summer.

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