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Zomato delivery man caught eating food in viral video, company responds

Zomato Delivery Boy
Image Via: Madan Chikna/Twitter

Zomato has landed itself in the soup after a video showing one of its delivery executives eating food out of multiple containers went viral. It’s being circulated across social media platforms like Twitter and WhatsApp at the moment, pretty embarrassing for a company focused on food.

As shared on Twitter, the video shows a delivery man sitting on his bike and munching away at the food he should be delivering to a customer. He gets quite a few bites before resealing the box and opening another one. This goes on until he decides he’s had enough and takes out a tape to seal the bag of food.

People are naturally cracking jokes about the man, suggesting that he’s tasting the food for the customer and this is actually a part of Zomato Gold. Others are more angry since he’s tampering with the food and making it less hygienic, not to mention cooling it down so it won’t arrive hot.

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There are even a few who are defending him, pointing out that he may be hungry and doesn’t have time for a break or this is actually from a canceled order. Whatever the truth here is, delivery boys shouldn’t be munching on food since that’s a big violation of consumer trust.

Zomato Responds

Zomato has responded to the video by confirming that the man is one its employees in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. It’s spoken to him about the incident and come to the conclusion that this was a “human error in judgment.” The company has also fired him, which makes sense since no one is going to trust him around food again.

As for the future, Zomato is planning to introduce tamper-proof tapes and other measures to stop such an incident from happening again. It’s also going to educate its delivery fleet to highlight such cases.