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Zion MMC Cards announced by Abacus Peripherals

Zion MMC Card Abacus Peripherals has unveiled Zion MMC cards. The small sized cards flaunt of having high speed, dual voltage and offer dual voltage operation, even as low power consumption increases battery life of mobile phones and other electronic devices.

Available in capacities of 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB, the Zion MMC cards are compatible with mobile phones, smart phones, cameras, organizers, PDAs, digital recorders, MP3 players, pagers, electronic toys, notebooks, et al.

Card specifications include: 24 x 18 x 1.4 form factor, 13 pins, dual voltage, 1channel-1way Write 7.5MB/s and Read 10.5MB/s, etc.

Card features are:

  • Multimedia card system specification version 4.1 compatible
  • Full backward compatibility with previous multimedia card system
  • Support for SPI Mode; maximum data rate with up to 52MB/sec interface speed
  • Correction of memory field errors
  • Compatibility with smart phones, cameras, organizers
  • The Zion MMC cards come with a three-year warranty, and are available right away through Abacus’ distribution network.