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Zens wireless charging solution for Samsung Galaxy S3 introduced

Wireless Charging Solution

Samsung Galaxy S3 users can now bid adieu to their charging woes as the Zens wireless charging solution for this smartphone has been unveiled. The kit is slated to hit store shelves in September this year.

Along with extra power life for smartphones, this wireless charger claims to proffer its customers with ease of use too. Besides the technology it developed, Zens has utilized semiconductors to come up with compact wireless power receivers. These receivers are then placed in the battery compartment door designed by this manufacturer.

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In order to make use of this wireless charging solution, all users are required to do is replace the battery compartment door of the Galaxy S3 with the one manufactured by Zens. Once connected, it automatically works in conjunction with the company’s charging pad. This compartment door can be picked up in both marble white and pebble blue shades, so that it seamlessly integrates with the smartphone.

The Single wireless charger that forms a part of this solution, flaunts a modest and timeless design. It has been deployed with induction technology and completely charges a mobile phone or any other Qi compatible device when it is dropped on it. The charging pad’s free positioning support makes it extremely easy to use and the induction coils placed all over it ensure a handset is charged no matter where it is placed. A blue light on it indicates whether the phone is being charged or not. Also, it automatically switches off as soon as the gadget is fully charged.

The Zens wireless charging solution for the Samsung Galaxy S3 featuring the battery compartment door and the Single wireless charger carries a price tag of €69.

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