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Zeiss Cinemizer Video Glasses for iPods unveiled at Macworld 2008

Cinemizer Video Glasses World-renowned lens maker Carl Zeiss, has debuted a cool-looking pair of video glasses for iPods at the Macworld Expo 2008. Known as the Cinemizer, these glasses promise to provide unparalleled image quality in video eyewear on an imaginary screen with a 45-inches diagonal at a distance of 78-inches.

The Cinemizer video glasses also come with an integrated headset and a wired remote control that allows the user to play, stop and pause the video. Further, the battery utilized by these video glasses is fully integrated inside the iPod dock.

You will be able to connect an iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod with Video or iPod nano (3rd generation) to the Cinemizer video glasses. Besides iPods, other video sources such as DVD players or game consoles can also be connected to the glasses via the available video-in. All you would need is a standard phone jack.

The Cinemizer video glasses sport a replaceable bridge that guarantees that the wearer has an optimal viewing angle into the cinemizer.

Zeiss has also kept the needs of the wearer in mind while making the Cinemizer glasses as you will be able to select a diopter setting between +3.5 and -3.5 on the glasses. Interestingly, the adjustment is guided with a test screen displayed when pressing the Play button for 5 seconds.

The cutting edge Cinemizer video glasses which use Carl Zeiss lens have been designed by Frog Design.

The Zeiss Cinemizer video glasses are available in 5 exciting colors- black, blue, yellow, red and purple. These cool and futuristic video glasses will begin shipping between February and March 2008 in Germany.