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Looking for a ZBrush alternative to unleash your creative streak? Well, showing off your wonderful virtual creations to the world need not be a distant dream anymore for we’ve lined up a comprehensive list of options that allow you to digitally sculpt 3D models without even getting your hands messy in the process. What’s more, the following software are strewn across our compilation also ooze with loads of impressive attributes that will have you spending hours on end fashioning your mind’s images.

1 – Sculptris:

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The developer of this particular gem beckons you to ‘enter a world of digital art without barriers.’ And if you choose to accept this invitation, prepare to be bombarded with tons of digital sculpting tools and other handy features. This one seems to be a great choice to pick up especially if you’re new to the world of 3D modeling and sculpting. What’s more, the program emerges from the house of Pixologic, the same brains behind the software that’s gleaming in the spotlight here. You can begin by shaping a ball of virtual clay into just about anything you want. When you explore deeper into the Sculpt mode, you’ll be able to tweak the mesh geometry by employing simple brush strokes.

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As the maker reveals, it’s just like molding a real lump of clay with sculpting tools. Once you’ve created your artwork, head straight to the Paint mode to splash on texture with the help of various brushes. Blessed with an immersive interface, the delight proffers familiar controls and dynamic Tessellation. This one is free to download and compatible with Mac OS X and Windows systems.

2 – Autodesk Mudbox:

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This computer-based 3D sculpting and digital painting tool is developed by Autodesk and forays onto the scene bearing a plethora of interesting tools. Originally noted to be christened Skymatter, this entrant in our programs like ZBrush roster allows you to create production-ready 3D art. You’ll get to work with professional-quality tools as well as high-performance environments which will help you breathe life into images from the deepest realms of your mind. Through this software, you can create engaging backdrops, stunning concept designs, detailed props, and realistic 3D characters.

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Some of the features you’ll find incorporated here include direct painting onto 3D models, professional digital sculpting toolset, interactive control and display, texture baking, advanced retopology tools, 3D layer capabilities, and an in-product community. Now in order to procure this one, you’ll have to part ways with $795. However, you could first download a free 30-day trial before pulling out your wallet. The program is further compatible with Windows and Mac OS X PCs.

3 – Blender:

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The next inclusion in our software similar to ZBrush array is no stranger to the drawing and sculpting arena. It jumps onto the scene sporting a fully customizable interface that’s packed with an integrated text editor, undo support, non-overlapping UI and a fully scriptable user-interface complete with custom themes. You can resort to the sculpting option for shaping detailed organic-looking characters. You can even take advantage of full multiresolution sculpting capabilities with 2D bitmap and 3D procedural brushes such as smooth, inflate, paint, pinch and grab.

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When it comes to organic modeling, the innovative program allows you to employ smooth soft selection editing tools. Besides these features, you’ll also be able to espy other sorts of attributes like solids modeling, imaging and compositing, rigging, rendering, camera, and motion tracking, animation, UV unwrapping, raytrace rendering, shading, and real-time 3D/game creation. This software piece is free to procure and plays well with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD systems.

4 – 3D-Coat:

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‘Turn your 3D idea into life in no time,’ is the tagline slapped onto this innovative piece of software. With its help, you can convert a single digital block of clay into a fully textured organic model or hard surface creation. And in order to get this desired result, you can exploit a plethora of different tools and features that are embedded within the program itself. A few of these delights read as voxel sculpting, UV-mapping, auto-retopology, painting with layers, retopology, and rendering.

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To create your masterpiece, you’ll be provided with a professional and fully customizable interface that allows you to bunch up dockable windows. Now there are 2 types of versions you can opt for namely, Basic and Professional. While the former is tagged at $99, the latter can be picked up for $349. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, you can get your hands on both editions through Steam.

5 – Cheetah3D:

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This program like ZBrush is looked upon as a user-friendly 3D modeling, animation and rendering application that’s fashioned exclusively for the Mac OS X system. It comprises of subdivision surface, spline and polygon modeling tools as well as character rigging animation, Bullet physics engine, Javascript API, powerful UV editor, global illumination, raytracing, caustics, and HDRI.

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With such a treasure chest by your side, you’ll be able to create your first animated critter or even 3D artwork masterpiece for your video game. You can download this program either via the company’s official website or the Mac App Store for just under $70.


Many movies, animated episodes and video games are filled with wondrous creatures that are plucked right out of the creative artist’s imagination. Gigantic dragons, hideous ogres and pretty maidens – all these and more have been brought to life by specialists who work with digital sculpting tools to form high-resolution models and characters. Each mean expression sported by a goblin or detailed armor of suit has been intricately crafted to bring the object to life onscreen.

Well, if you’re intrigued by 3D modeling and sculpting, and want to try your hand at maybe creating masterpieces of your own, then waste no time in procuring any of the aforesaid options in our ZBrush alternative collection. And once you’ve tried them out, do hop back and leave your favorite mention in the box below.