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YouTube’s new Heroes program rewards people for moderating site

YouTube Heroes

YouTube has launched a brand new initiative dubbed Heroes to draw forth users who want to voluntarily moderate the site in exchange for rewards. The program is currently in its beta avatar right now and is open to anyone interested.

YouTube Heroes volunteers will get to perform various activities in order to earn points. They can do anything from flagging inappropriate videos to adding captions and subtitles to content. Even participating in the site’s Help forum and getting rid of negative comments count as point-worthy.

All this hard work won’t go unrewarded, as people will be able to unlock prizes the more points they manage to generate. The first level becomes accessible the moment you join and lets members see the Heroes dashboard and join the community. The second (10 – 99 points) lets individuals participate in Hero hangouts and learn at exclusive workshops.

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Things get more interesting at the third level (100 – 399 points) where people will get to mass flag abusive videos and help moderate content in the YouTube Heroes community. The fourth (400-999 points) lets dedicated contributors go behind the scenes at sneak preview product launches. They’ll also get to contact the site’s staff directly.

Finally, the fifth and highest ring (1000+ points) lets members actually test products before its launch and apply for the Heroes Summit. While the idea behind the program is sound, there’s no way to tell whether users will respond to the initiative or how successful community moderation will be. If you’re interested, you can apply for YouTube Heroes here.