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YouTube’s Android version lets you edit your videos before you upload them

Very few people use the YouTube app for uploading videos, as they prefer trimming and editing them on their PCs before putting them online. That’s about to change perhaps, for a newly released version of the app has been aimed at letting people upload their clips online without having to wait for a PC to be near them.

The creators of YouTube’s Android app have revealed that its newly released version that’s rolling out right now can let you trim the excess seconds from your videos before uploading them. Prior to this, if you were to put up a video through your smartphones or tablets, you had to upload it as it is.


But with the new trimming tools, you can cut the video from the start as well as from the end in order to focus on the precise activity that you’ve filmed. The developers of YouTube for Android have also added an inline video preview feature to the app, so you can see your edited clip before giving the command to upload it on the video-sharing website.

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The trimming attribute has been granted a neat interface that’s reminiscent of Instagram’s video feature. You’ll be shown the entire video’s timeline, and be allowed to drag handles in order to decide where you wish to cut it. If you haven’t understood it, don’t worry, as there’s a tutorial waiting for you when you open the updated app.

Like we said, the new YouTube for Android app is currently rolling out across the globe. If you’re eager to try it, and it hasn’t reached your devices through the Google Play store yet, you can head over to Android Police which has a legit APK of it available for download.