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YouTube won’t run ads on channels with less than 10K views now

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YouTube’s shaking up its revenue policy with regards to creators on its platform, hoping to cut down on fraudulent channels in the process. It’s making it harder to get into its YouTube Partner Program (YPP) which allows members to get a share of the profits generated from the ad running on their content.

YouTube has so far allowed anyone to join the YPP, allowing it to grow at a large scale. However, this growth apparently lead to a rise in channels which solely devoted themselves to re-uploading original content made by others, effectively making money off of someone else’s hard work.

YouTube had previously tried to curb this practice by allowing individuals to report these mimicking channels. It’s now taking things to the next level by requiring a channel to have at least 10000 lifetime views before ads will be shown on their YPP video.

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YouTube claims that this threshold will give it sufficient data to make sure a channel is real, conforms to its community guidelines, and follows its advertiser policies. The company thinks the 10K limit is a reasonable one, touting that the figure will make sure aspiring creators aren’t impacted.

Creators themselves had a more mixed reaction, with some stating that this requirement will make things much harder for them. Moreover, it is possible to generate 10000 views artificially. To that end, YouTube plans to implement a revamped review process to become a YPP member.

YouTube didn’t go into a lot of details about what this new review process will entail, just mentioning that it’ll look into a channel’s activity against its policies after the 10K mark has been hit. It should be noted any revenue generated from sub-10K channels till date will not be affected by these rule changes.