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YouTube will suggest buddies soon

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YouTube is the apt site to look for videos as it is a search engine that welcomes users to come and share their experiences. YouTube has now made an effort for users to easily find people they might know, reveals the official YouTube Blog.

The YouTube team has disclosed that they will very soon incorporate this feature by adding a ‘you may know these people’ suggestion box that will appear on the home page through the coming weeks. This feature will show people who might be acquaintances to the user. One can then choose to connect or subscribe to these friends.

The question that would crop up in anyone’s mind after having read this would be how are these suggestions made? Well, the team explains. If the user has their Gmail account linked to YouTube then the team will use that mail account information to suggest buddies or by using the id from which a user shares videos.

The good bit is that a contact will first be asked if they want to be found, and only if they agree is when one can find them. To further check this out, one can visit the ‘Privacy’ section of their account and there is the option that says ‘Let others find my channel on YouTube if they have my email address.’ Check in the box and give an approval or one can always choose not to be found.