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YouTube to Auto-Check Videos for Copyright Issues Before Creators Publish Them

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In an attempt to help creators upload videos easier and make money, Google-owned YouTube is rolling out a new tool that will automatically check the videos and tell them for potential copyright claims and ad suitability restrictions before the videos are published.

The new tool called “Checks” in the upload process on Studio desktop will help creators minimize the number of videos uploaded with copyright claims and/or yellow icons and avoid surprises or worries, YouTube said in a statement on Wednesday.

Earlier, creators just uploaded their videos to YouTube without worrying about copyright violations.

“The copyright checks usually finish within three minutes, while monetization checks can take a couple of minutes longer. You’ll see a time estimate on the screen,” YouTube said.

“You no longer have to publish a video as unlisted or private.

“Once the checks have completed, you’ll know if your video’s visibility or monetization potential will be restricted once it’s public. However, it’s still possible for your video to receive restrictions after it’s published,” the company informed.

The creators can publish the video while the checks are still running.

“Keep in mind that if an issue is found, it might impact the video’s visibility or monetization of the video,” YouTube suggested.

If a copyright claim is found, creators will see what they can do to address it when clicking on ‘See details’.

If there is an ad-suitability issue found with the video, they will see an option to “Request review”.

However, this does not “protect your videos from other potential issues after publishing (like future manual claims, copyright strikes, and/or restrictions as a result of edits to your video settings),” YouTube warned.