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YouTube Sued by Italy Based Mediaset

YouTube Lawsuit YouTube has been sued again; this time around it’s an Italian broadcaster Mediaset that has sued YouTube over copyright violation. According to Mediaset, YouTube has distributed their programs illegally. Mediaset is asking for damages of 500 million euros.

The Italian group claims that, by the date June 10, 2008, the popular video sharing site had 4,643 film clips, which were owned by Mediaset. All together these clips carry the footage of more than 325 hours.

Apparently, the lawsuit is filed in a court in Rome.

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YouTube issued an official statement stating that the company respects the rights of copyright holders and always removes videos quickly once a copyright holder complains.

This is not the first time when YouTube has been sued by any company over copyright violation. Recently Viacom sued the site for $1 billion.

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