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YouTube skippable ads reach mobile devices

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TrueView in-stream skippable ads for mobile devices have been introduced by YouTube in order to help advertisers widen their reach. Just like on the desktop, users can now skip ads on their phones and tablets after 5 seconds, reveals the official Google Mobile Ads blog.

As this new format allows subscribers to skip ads, it ultimately gives them a choice regarding the kind of ads they wish to see. This should eventually lead to a more engaging experience, which in turn is expected to be helpful for all those who are involved in the process. Additionally, advertisers are required to pay only if their ads have been watched and they get more exposure if users choose to share the video with friends or visit their websites.

“We’ve only just begun testing TrueView on mobile, but early indications are that people engage with these ads in the same way as they do on desktop. This is just the start – we’ll continue to innovate to bring the best of video to the best of mobile. Learn how to get started with TrueView video ads today,” reads a post by Phil Farhi, group product manager, YouTube on the official Google Mobile Ads blog.

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Another advantage of mobile ads is that they are expected to improve brand recall as multi-screen ad campaigns can be designed for devices like smartphones and tablets, besides TVs and computers. The blog states that TrueView campaigns now run on handheld gadgets. Advertisers can manage settings through AdWords for video.

Skippable TrueView video ads for mobile devices have now gone live on YouTube.