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YouTube Music brings tons of awesome features for music fans

There’s a new Google app on the block in the form of YouTube Music which can be downloaded by those who own Android and iOS devices in order to better satisfy their craving for a good music video viewing experience. This app basically segregates all the music that’s on YouTube, so that it’s better to find. It is available only in the US at moment.

It has a pretty similar layout to the one that’s present in the original YouTube app. It features three main tabs, with the main one being the home tab which recommends tracks for you and even creates personalized stations based on your taste.

The other one is a trending app which tells you what music is being listened to by most people at that time. The final tab on the other hand, displays the videos that you’ve liked. When a particular music video is being played on the app, an Explore tab is able to show you different versions of that track, such as its live renditions, its covers and more.

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YouTube Music

YouTube Music becomes all the more enjoyable if you happen to have a Red membership. This not only removes all the pesky ads from your music videos, but also provides you with the option of switching off the video and just listening to the track alone.

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Additionally, you are even given the option to keep listening to the song while using other apps. YouTube Music with a Red subscription also gives you the facility to automatically download the videos you watch, so that you can view them offline later on.

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If you’re in the US, you can grab YouTube Music right now through the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.

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