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YouTube live streaming made much more flexible, all verified accounts eligible now

Sharing live video streams with the world through YouTube is all set to be a much more flexible experience thanks to a new upgrade made by the video-sharing website to its features. All the users in the world who possess verified YouTube accounts and are in good standing will be provided with the ability to stream live video to the world.

And that’s not all; the Google-owned company has even revealed that Google+ Hangout on Air will also be made available to be launched directly from the YouTube Live events manager. Referring to Hangout on Air as a simple means to ‘reach your fans live,’ a blog post from the company has mentioned that it is ‘the ideal way’ to invite participants to join your show.


These new developments have definitely given masses direct control over live streaming facilities which YouTube had previously reserved only for significant accounts. Those hoping to get going with them, may take note of the fact that the new traits will be rolled out gradually over the next few days. You can keep checking if they’re available or not however.

All you need to do is sign into your verified YouTube account, and enter your video manager. On the panel towards the right, a Live Events option should appear when the feature reaches you. It is since last year that the live streaming service on YouTube has been in beta mode. Prior to the new development, only selected accounts from specific categories like music, gaming, sports and news were given the facility for live streams.