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YouTube Live now allows partners to charge for access to live streams

YouTube Live Update

The YouTube Live service recently turned a year old and the California-based video hosting company has rolled out a bunch of fresh features as part of the celebration. Partners are now said to have access to real time analytics, new software and the ability to monetize live streams.

Unlike before, users will now be able to monetize their live events by adding in advertisements or pay-per-view options. Each of them can be affixed with in-stream ads or paid options that are adjustable based on different countries. Besides this, YouTube partners should also have access to a guided flow along with data such as playbacks and concurrent viewers of events in real time.

“To celebrate the first birthday of YouTube Live, we went through the normal birthday thought process: rent a bouncy castle or bring in the magicians. Neither of these seemed just right to celebrate the millions of you who’ve seen live videos, so we went with our favorite gifts: new features from our tireless engineers,” stated Varun Talwar, YouTube partner product manager, through the official YouTube Creator blog.

YouTube Live Update 1

Another addition to the YouTube Live service is the Wirecast software that’s available at no cost for all partners. Through this offering, the company claims that users will be able to produce and stream live events in professional looking quality, straight from their desktop. From adding effects and overlays, the software is even said to be capable of switching between multiple video and audio sources.

The new features introduced into the YouTube Live service are already available for all partners. Users can acquire the Wirecast software through a download link from their account.