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YouTube Kids makes its way to India

YouTube Kids

Google has officially launched YouTube Kids in India, well over a year after the platform made its international debut. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS and can stream videos via Apple TV, Chromecast, game consoles, and smart TVs.

As the name suggests, YouTube Kids is meant for children, showcasing family-friendly fare and educational videos. It’s distinct from the regular app courtesy UI tweaks like bold icons and larger images. Voice search is in-built to cater to youngsters who can’t spell or type yet.

YouTube Kids’ Indian avatar highlights Hindi and English videos on the main home screen and lets users search for videos in various languages like Telugu and Tamil. Other than favorites like Little Krishna and Mad Stuff with Rob, the company has also gotten a number of Indian YouTube creators to showcase content like Cat & Keet and Appu – The Yogic Elephant.

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Google has also included a number of parental controls for adults to keep an eye on their offspring’s activity. The company acknowledges that its filtration system isn’t perfect and encourages people to flag videos they’re concerned about. Parents can also control search settings.

They get to decide whether their child can seek videos using the search bar or not. There’s also a neat timer tool which restricts screen time and alerts kids when the session is done. Other useful features include being able to switch off background and music effects and setting a password to access settings.

You can download YouTube Kids via the App Store or Play Store.