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YouTube Kids app caters only to the little ones, available on Android and iOS

There murmurs were true indeed, as the YouTube Kids app really does exist and is already available for download through the Google Play store and the Apple App Store, albeit only in the US. To explain it simply, it’s just a toddler version of the video-sharing website which is only meant to cater to your little ones.

YouTube Kids has been built from the ground up keeping children in mind. It has been equipped with a host of safety features as well, to make sure that they don’t end up viewing content that does not suit their age.

YouTube Kids

The app does not feature a Material Design interface, but we’re sure kids won’t be complaining. Google has focused its attention on more important factors such as larger images and bold icons that are helpful for children to navigate.

This new YouTube offering takes content that is deemed appropriate for kids and cuts it down into four simple categories, namely Shows, Music, Learning and Explore. And moreover, there’s even a search bar to let toddlers decide for themselves what they wish to watch on their devices.

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Parents need not worry about overuse of the app by their kids since there’s a timer control on it which lets them limit the screen time. They can even turn off the search bar if they want their little ones to see pre-selected videos.

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Although the YouTube Kids app is not available in countries other than the US, Android Police does have an APK of its Android version up on a hosting site. Here are the links to its Google Play store and Apple App Store listings anyway.