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YouTube for Google TV receives updates, brings Discover and additional features

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In the bid to offer a more comfortable browsing experience, YouTube for Google TV has recently been showered with upgrades. These updates arrive with the claim to deliver faster as well as smoother navigation along with dragging in a Discover feature to make operating the app much easier.

The Discover addition facilitates the use of categories to browse through YouTube channels. These genres range from comedy, news and politics to fun and entertainment. A post on the official Google TV blog shares that another improvement comes in the form of a new channel pages inclusion. This will enable users to go through videos and playlists in the favorite channels section. Furthermore, subscribing to channels from within the app can now be done with a simple click. The subscribe option is displayed on the top right corner of the screen.

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When viewing favorite channels, the up or down arrows on the remote can be utilized to see related as well as more videos from the same user. Additionally, with these directional keys, an info screen can be located to rate a video with a thumbs up and add it to the personal YouTube playlists. Such add-ons probably intend to proffer an immersive and interactive experience to push the entertainment factor a notch higher. Plus, users can also leave back comments on the videos, to be shared with everyone else on the YouTube community.

YouTube for Google TV can now be updated by accessing it through the Android Market, so entertainment buffs can immerse themselves in an enhanced viewing experience.