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YouTube for Android can turn any video into a VR experience

The virtual reality trend received a huge boost when Google unveiled its Cardboard concept which made the experience completely accessible to almost anyone. The company’s YouTube app on Android has now been blessed by it with support for playing all its videos in a way that they can be viewed through virtual reality goggles.

An update that can be downloaded through the Google Play store right now enables the YouTube app to do this. But that’s not the only thing that the update is focused on; it even allows you to watch specially shot VR videos that are even more immersive and realistic than the above mentioned videos which are basically created from software trickery.

You are going to need a Cardboard headset in order to be able to view these special videos. While you’re watching a certain clip on the Android app of YouTube, you can click on the three dots in the upper-right corner in order to access the Cardboard option.

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Once you click on that, you will need to pop your phone inside the headset in order to get the virtual reality experience. Videos which are specially shot for VR headsets are pretty few in number at the moment. The Hunger Games Experience or TOMS Shoes Giving Trip are two such videos you can view right now.

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They are basically the 360-degree videos which YouTube had introduced earlier this year, that can be modified to be seen through Cardboard goggles. Like we said, in order to experience the new features of this app, you will need to download its latest update which is available through the Google Play store.