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YouTube finally acknowledges its faulty copyright takedown system


Over the past few months, a controversy has been brewing on YouTube and it’s connected to the arbitrary nature of the website’s copyright takedown system. There have been several instances of this system being used wrongfully, and neither Google nor YouTube itself had acknowledged it.

That has just changed now, even as the CEO of the video-sharing website herself has posted a message stating that a new system is being worked upon right now. YouTube has assigned a fresh team to minimize the mistakes that are happening with the automated copyright system.

Now much of the problem arises due to the fact that all of YouTube’s arrangements for acting on copyright content are pre-programmed and feature no human interference whatsoever. It is hence that the creation of a separate team of humans who will be looking after the problems is a great thing.

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But judging by the seriousness of things, the problem will indeed take a very long time to be solved. After all, it not just involves improper copyright claims and video and channel takedowns, but also misappropriation of funds generated from ads. It has come to light that the automated copyright system is such that it can be misused by anyone, irrespective of whether they are the copyright holder or not.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has assured that the site will eventually increase transparency into the status of monetization claims, much to the pleasure to those affected. She also said that some fresh initiatives will be rolled out by the company in the coming months to help improve the communications between content creators and the YouTube support teams.