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YouTube Dislike Count Is Back, Unofficially Though

Return YouTube Dislike Video-streaming and sharing platform YouTube’s dislike count has returned in a manner of sorts through a new open-source extension called “Return YouTube Dislike”.

According to 9To5Google, the new browser extension makes it possible for those usingĀ  Chrome, Edge, Firefox and even iOS to restore the YouTube dislike count to their video watching experience.

The extension has picked up thousands of positive reviews from users since its release, the report said.

When installed and active, the extension automatically changes the YouTube site to where it shows a dislike count.

It also shows exact numbers instead of the general “10k” when hovering over the like/dislike section.

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In order to download the extension, follow this link or search for “Return YouTube Dislike” in the Chrome Web Store, if you’re using Chrome.

After installing the extension, there’s no work needed. Just ensure it is active and go to your favorite YouTube video to see it in action.

The extension is free, but the developers are accepting donations in case you want to express your gratitude monetarily.

Of course, things may change after December 13 when Google cuts off access to data from the YouTube API, which is what this extension feeds off. The devs say they have a workaround in the form of archived stats and user data from the extension though.