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YouTube completely overhauls its mobile apps

More than half of all the YouTube videos that are watched these days are played on mobile devices. Naturally then, the company has felt the need to overhaul its mobile apps in order to make them more easy to use and also to bless them with nifty news features.

A completely fresh version of the video service can be accessed now through Android devices as well as via mobile web browsers. iOS won’t be missing it for long, since the YouTube update will be making its way to Apple’s platform pretty soon.

One of the first things you’ll notice in the new app is the arrival of three different tabs. These are meant to replace the hamburger menu on the left-hand side, but for some reason it is still showing in the version that’s running on our devices. Perhaps the makers don’t want users to be overwhelmed by the changes, and will gradually be removing it.

YouTube App

Anyway, the three tabs at the top are meant for Home, Subscription and Account sections. Home is where you explore and discover videos based on your history; Subscription is of course where you’ll see videos from the YouTube channels you’ve subscribed to; while the Account section will show you everything from your playlists, watch history to the videos you’ve uploaded.

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Hitherto, YouTube videos shot vertically would not be scaled in order to fit perfectly into the screen, but that has changed now. Such videos can be watched in full-screen mode with just one tap.

YouTube Creation Tools

Lastly, it makers have blessed the YouTube app with a range of creation tools for users to take advantage of. While you could just trim your footage prior to this, the app now allows you to add filters as well as music to your clips before uploading them.