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YouTube comments getting too messy, Google+ wants to take out the trash

YouTube’s comments section has been due for a makeover from quite some time now, and the video hosting company has joined hands with Google+ to deliver a better experience. The main goal of the merger is to decrease the amount of spam, trolling and negative speech that are common sights on the website.

The new comments section will work in a similar way how Facebook’s latest NewsFeed revamp operates. Instead of showing the most recent mentions from others, YouTube will deliver remarks made by ‘people you care about.’ In other words, if someone on your friend list comments something, that one will be given preference over others. Additionally, content posted by the creator and popular personalities as well as discussions on the video will rise to the top.

YouTube Comments

The image embedded above is what the new conversations system will look like. Replies will be easier to see as they’re posted under each comment. The company has announced that various new tools will be made available for moderating conversations.

Creators will be abet to approve messages before they’re shown publically, restrict the use of specific words or even configure the service to automatically publish comments made by certain people. To top it off, you’ll have the option to make your content visible to everyone on Google+ and YouTube or to only select Circles and friends.

The new YouTube comments section which is powered by Google+ will be available in the coming months for all account holders. The company notes that the update will be reflected on every comment and on all videos.