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YouTube adds Google+ features, annotations and more

YouTube Communication Features 01

With a view to enhance watching and sharing videos on YouTube, this Google service has announced the introduction of certain improvements and annotations for better communication through user’s channels. These latest additions are expected to facilitate sharing content from Google+ as well as simplify posting videos through channel feed.

Subscribers can now make use of YouTube in order to promote their Google+ profile. A new feature added to the former service lets users share a Google+ page or an entire profile through YouTube. Another add-on further simplifies communication by allowing them to post Channel Bulletins onto the Channel Feed. The ‘post to feed’ box can be used to type in a comment and insert a link of the video or a playlist that needs to be shared. Once posted, it will be displayed on the channel Feed along with the comment. Additionally, other subscribers of the channel will receive notifications about the post.

YouTube Communication Features 02

Taking into account user feedback and reviews, YouTube has decided to update the display of events in users’ feeds. The first amongst the three major changes is that the title will now be more prominent. Secondly, the ‘+more’ button has been added to attract more attention as compared to the smaller notifications. And lastly, a cleaner styling for adding videos to playlists has been introduced. The latest feature for the Annotations Editors on this video streaming service will now include better customization possibilities. Some other functions are inclusive of a color palette, new annotation type and a timeline.

The annotation features of YouTube can be employed by clicking on the arrow alongside uploads in the Video Manager.