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Your next iPhone could have Intel inside

American technology giant Intel is currently busy getting its new LTE modem ready to be fixed inside the next iPhone, says a report. The company has apparently committed as many as a thousand employees to this task, displaying its immense commitment towards providing solutions for Apple devices.

The 7360 LTE modem which Intel unveiled recently is at the center of attention here. This chip is most likely to be chosen to be inside the iPhone 7, and that explains the motivation behind Intel having assigned an army of its employees towards seeing its development.

Right now, all the iPhone models make use of LTE modems sourced from Qualcomm. The exact variant that’s used is called Gobi 9×45, and is claimed to offer 3 times the carrier aggregation with up 60MHz in bandwidth on the downlink. This enables it to deliver LTE Advanced Category 10 speeds of 450Mbps download.


The Intel 7360 LTE modem too provides similar output, so the question is why Apple wishes to switch to Intel. The real reason for this is unknown, but a VentureBeat report mentions that Intel is still to be signed on by the company. It will only be given the contract if it continues to hit Apple’s ‘project milestones.’

The iPhone-maker is considering building an SoC as well, which will combine its AX processor setup with an LTE modem chip, like the products Qualcomm makes for Android devices. Once the design for this chipset is ready, Intel is most likely to jump onboard as a fabricator, thanks to its expertise in the efficient 14nm process.

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If this partnership with Apple works out, things will surely take a huge turn for Intel’s mobile plans. Although the company dominates in the PC processor market, it hasn’t quite been able to establish a solid foothold in the smartphone space.