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Your Mac Needs A Productivity Boost: Top 9 Quick Cleanup Tips

Using a slow machine, whether a PC or a Mac, is quite frustrating, and you might not accomplish the task ahead efficiently. No matter how expensive your machine, it will eventually become slow and inefficient as time goes. It may be due to insufficient disk space, overheating, obsolete apps, or other performance issues.

When your Mac starts acting up, don’t panic and rush to the Apple store to purchase a new machine. The problem could be solved with a few updates or deleting unwanted files. Therefore, ensure you familiarize yourself with the issues that can cause unproductive apps and unresponsive systems.

Below are cleanup tips to help you in boosting your machine’s productivity.

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#1 Update the Operating System

If you have not installed OS updates for an extended period, you might be dealing with a slow machine. When you update your operating system, the machine gets revamped with new features and improvements that boost its productivity. Updating your Mac is quite simple since it entails visiting the App Store and completing the installation process.

#2 Close High-resource Apps

Computer systems have resource-hungry apps working in the background that use high processing power compared to the rest. Due to age, your Mac slows in performance and needs extra power to execute various tasks. But if you have an application fighting for the same processor power, conflicts arise, and your machine might not work optimally under the same conditions. Therefore, you can monitor the machine’s activity, identify the apps with high processor usage, and either close or uninstall them.

#3 Have a Simple Startup Menu

Most Mac users are not aware that startup menus consume a substantial amount of memory since they operate subtly in the background. They usually cause the machine to work slowly, thus, causing cumbersome file processing. Therefore, ensure your startup list does not have a lot of applications to reduce the processing power.

#4 Merge Open Windows

Having numerous open windows at once can overwhelm your machine since many processes are working to keep them open. Though you can view the applications, you will still have multiple open windows. It is much easier to merge and work within one window view the tabs since the processing power will also reduce.

#5 Use Shortcuts

Having a busy schedule at the office with numerous reports to complete? You will be amazed how using shortcuts can simplify your work immensely. Keyboard shortcuts can help you increase your productivity at work since you can complete your work much faster. Moreover, you can personalize the shortcuts according to your preference.

#6 Delete System Junk

One significant step in cleaning up is to erase system junk and cached files in the OS. Frequent browsing online causes the temporary files to fill up the cache. Therefore, it is essential to clear all your browsing information to get rid of the system junk.

#7 Delete Old Backups

If you dig your system, you will find old backup files in the form of snapshots or cloud backup files. Eliminating old files gives your system a boost in performance since the exercise will free up a substantial amount of disk space.

#8 Limit Visual Features

Users enjoy the visual features, but they are pretty inconveniencing if your machine already has performance issues. Therefore, it is advisable to limit or switch off visual effects to improve the speed of your machine.

#9 Sync Devices

Though most users prefer syncing their devices with the iCloud, it can be challenging, especially during cleanups. You might delete photos permanently both on the device and the cloud storage. Therefore, it’s recommended to disable the syncing feature if you want o erase photos on your device only.

Having a clean machine impacts your productivity since it performs as required. You don’t need to have an IT expert on speed dial to use your Mac peacefully or pay crazy money to conduct a regular cleanup exercise. With the above tips, you can easily optimize your system at your convenience. If you are busy, download a reliable and effective Mac cleaner, and it will sort you out. You will have a remarkable user experience working with a system free from junk files or malware attacks.