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Your iPhone is to be blamed if you’ve reached work late

There’s a new bug in the latest iOS release, which has resulted in a number of clueless iPhone users reaching their offices late. We’re speaking about the iOS 9.1 download particularly, which switches off your alarms when you decide to update your device overnight.

A number of irate iPhone users have taken to Twitter to express their frustration at this bug. Due to the alarm not having rung on time, several people have been delayed for work over the past few days.

It is to be noted that this flaw does not occur when you decide to update your handset to iOS 9.1 normally. It’s triggered by the pop up notification which asks you if you’re okay with the download taking place overnight while you’re sleeping.

iOS 9.1 Prompt

As revealed by Distractify, if you agree to this option, you are greeted by a ‘Welcome to iPhone’ page the next morning. At this point we’d suggest you have a look at the clock, as your alarms wouldn’t have worked on this page. And even if they would have, the bug doesn’t even allow that to happen as it disables all your alarms completely.

This is not the only thing that’s frustrating users who have downloaded iOS 9.1 on their iPhones. A Wi-Fi Assist feature has been introduced through this update by Apple, which looks to provide seamless Internet connectivity by switching to cellular data when the Wi-Fi is weak.

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Due to this trait being switched on by default a number of users have unknowingly incurred heavy data overage charges. A Florida couple has even filed a $5 million class-action lawsuit against Apple regarding this iOS 9.1 feature.

So the thing to keep in mind if you’re updating your iPhone with the overnight option is to keep another alarm clock by your bedside in order to wake up on time.