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Your Google+ Photos can be accessed through Drive

A rumor had predicted this a few days ago, and the change which lets you access your Google+ Photos through your Google Drive account has finally made its way out into the open. The web, Android and iOS versions of the service have gotten this new feature that helps in the organizing of backed-up images and videos.

In any of these three versions of Google Drive, you’ll soon be able to spot a Photos menu. It is here that you’ll be able to create folders and organize your photos and videos. This makes the new addition just an organizing tool, while Google+ Photos will still continue being the go-to utility for storing, editing and sharing your pictures.

Google Drive

Google has revealed that while new photos on the back-up service will be available to view in Drive immediately, your entire catalog will take some days in order to appear there. This is actually all part of a plan to break up Google+ into several different services, with an aim of getting people to use its offerings even more.

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It was then that the search engine giant had disclosed that the photography and social elements of its social networking platform are soon to be broken down into a duo of separate products, one called Photos and the other Streams. Through a post on his Google+ profile, the company’s vice president Bradley Horowitz had also announced that he has now taken charge of the Photos and Streams project which is a move towards making positive improvement to both products.

The first fruits of this decision are already here in the form of the integration of Drive with Google+ Photos. Let us now wait and watch what other changes the company decides to make in its services.