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YouNeverCall presents an application to give you free Wi-Fi!

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Want free WiFi for your laptop? No it is not a fishy offer from some bogus company. It is just a simple application that automates the process of connecting to WiFi networks without involving any costs.

The ‘The Go Button’ (TGB) is the free application developed by YouNeverCall, an online provider of Wireless cell phones. It is a Windows application and will be available worldwide for free. The patent-pending application is believed to revolutionise wireless internet.

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“While techies have always been able to find open wireless networks and connect, the majority of laptop owners find themselves frustrated when trying to connect to open wireless networks, especially in urban settings where they may be confounded by a great number of networks, many of which appear to be open, but will not allow internet access,” said Sam Michelson, VP of Marketing for YouNeverCall Inc.

All you need to do is select a specific WiFi network and the application connects you to a ‘nearest WiFi hotspot’ anywhere anytime claims YouNeverCall.

The TGB smartly uses the Window’s Wireless capability to identify and simply connects to an open network. “We wanted to provide a solution for the businessman or college student who just needs to get online to read some email or Skype with his girlfriend” said Michelson, explaining the need of TGB although there are already many existing services an applications that provide maps of available wireless networks.

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While critics have been nick-named TGB as ‘WiFi stealer’ saying that it lets the laptop users connect to their neighbour’s network easily, the company spokesman defends the concept by explaining that the TGB program access the networks that have been made open officially for the public to use or to which the user is permitted to use, in accordance with the company’s terms of use.

The Go Button does all the work of scanning available wireless networks to connect to the strongest one in one’s locality, once it is installed without you requiring to press any button. After getting connected, users can go on with their internet related work like sending e-mails, chatting and web-surfing.

YouNeverCall is planning a TGB version for Windows Mobile Cellular as well Mac OS keeping in mind the interest consumers are showing in the application.

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