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You’ll soon be able to make WhatsApp calls and chats through Siri

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Back in June, Apple had announced a number of exciting changes for iPhone users in iOS 10, with a great deal of attention going towards improving Siri. The company has finally decided to tear down the walls surrounding its digital assistant, allowing third-party apps like WhatsApp to take advantage of its abilities.

It wasn’t clear at the time whether WhatsApp would indeed try to integrate with Siri in iOS 10. A new leak of a translation request suggests that the chat app is in fact trying to offer its services through the latter. The text features an explanation shown to iPhone owners when asked to give the tool access to the virtual assistant.

Based on the photo, the permission lets people utilize Siri to quickly send and read out messages, in addition to making voice calls. This basically means users could one day have the power to call or text someone through WhatsApp without having to lay a hand on their iPhone or actually opening the application.

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WhatsApp isn’t the only app looking to join forces with Siri. Rumors indicate that even Uber and Netflix may assimilate with the tool to make way for similar ease of access to order a cab or pull up a movie. Other than granting more powers to its digital assistant, Apple also announced another interesting change when it comes to third-party VoIP calls.

iOS 10 will bring in multiple app options to call a contact from within the default Phone app interface. The fresh addition will make it much easier to contact someone without having to head to a VoIP-ready app like WhatsApp and talk to them from there.