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Yoomba provides Free Internet Voice Calls and Chat via Email

Yoomba logo Yoomba Ltd. Has launched a unique P2P technology that enables people to call via email. Available at Yoomba.com, this application provides users with one-click access to all their contacts using voice or instant messaging.

Yoomba uniquely integrates into various email applications by adding buttons next to one’s contact details in all major mail applications such as Outlook and Outlook Express.

According to Elad Hemar, co-founder and CEO, Yoomba, “At Yoomba we are changing the way people communicate by providing the first open P2P network, putting consumers back in control.”

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Hemar also added that to use the services, you would not need to register, nor would you need a separate email account or even a special number for that matter.

All one needs to do is activate at Yoomba.com. During activation, Yoomba seamlessly loads all email contacts, giving the user instant access in order of popularity that too! In fact, the top 20 people in each user’s contact list will be the top 20 people they most frequently email.

Simply out, it provides users with instant access to email calling and email chat. What’s more; this service is absolutely free of cost.

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