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Yet Another Dell Laptop Catches Fire, Singaporean Man takes Pictures of Disintegrated Laptop

Dell Laptop after Fire Dell, the well known manufacturers of laptops has had a history of its laptops catching on fire. After two reported incidents of Dell laptop computers catching fire, a man from Singapore has come forward with pictures of his ‘exploding PC’.

Back in early November 2005, the Singaporean man was working from home, when suddenly the computer began to make “popping noises”. He grabbed the machine and raced it to a sink of water to douse the flames. But when he pulled it back out, it once again began to catch fire. After seeking advice, he removed all the batteries from the machine, and soaked it in water overnight.

“It wasn’t quite an explosion, but white smoke began to pour out of the machine, completely filling up the room, and there were flames coming up the sides of the laptop,” the man.

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The man took pictures not only of the disintegrated laptop but also the burn mark it created on his desk. Dell, who is now so used to their laptops exploding and bursting in flames, replaced the machine with no questions asked. However, Dell failed to provide the much needed explanation for the fault.

The Singaporean man has become so paranoid that this incident will happen again. “I’m now so paranoid that will it happen again that I don’t use my laptop on flights anymore,” he man said.

From the pictures it looks very suspiciously like the machine’s battery was to blame. Rechargeable lithium ion batteries can present a fire hazard if they are either damaged or suffer a short circuit.

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