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7 Yelp Alternatives

We’re here today with a long list of Yelp alternative sites which we bet are worth checking out. If you employ the benefits of the said social local review site or its mobile apps, you’re most definitely satisfied with its results. But there’s no harm in looking for new experiences, is there? Besides, there have been a number of alleged reports of how phony reviews are popping up on the site from time to time. Now although its creators have assured that there’s a mechanism in place to stop this from taking place, who’s to say that you aren’t likely to fall prey to a fake review which you’ll regret having given attention to when you actually visit the place.

Large scale participation in such services is the only thing that makes them boom for others to take notice. All the options that have been listed in the space below already have their own established communities that keep contributing reviews and other aspects on a regular basis. Have a look at each of them to decide for yourselves whether they’re worth having a go at or not. So without further delay, let’s get to business.

1 – Yahoo Local:

Yahoo Local

Yahoo Local is less of a site and more of a complete solution to your need for finding relevant data. While searching through the Yahoo search engine, it automatically populates pertinent reviews to your search results, thus making the process of accessing your needed information a lot easier. It doesn’t have a dedicated set of mobile applications like most other such services, but its web version is extremely intuitive and easy to get a hang of. Another one of its cool features is that it makes use of hCalendar and hCard microformats for events and contacts to be directly imported into your calendar and address-book applications.

2 – Foursquare:

Yahoo Local

Foursquare takes the concept of social local mobile services a step further by accompanying it with its unique check in-based rewards system. It’s simple; you can check-in at whichever venues you visit, using the mobile website, text messaging or a device-specific application to earn awards, user points, and badges. And what’s more interesting is that you can even compete with your friends based on your frequently visited locations. What makes it a superb site like Yelp, however, is that it provides you with short reviews from your friends, and moreover, even grants recommendations regarding the places you can visit no matter where you are in the world.

3 – Google+ Local:

Google+ Local

If you own businesses, Google Places is one utility you can’t afford to give a miss. Especially, since it integrates with the most widely used mapping application in the world, Google Maps. It lets you access reviews and ratings, while also providing recommendations. And of course, exact location details, phone numbers and other such information of all your desired places can be found inside Google+ Local. Since it’s an extension of the Google+ social network, you can even access it through its Android and iOS applications.

4 – Judy’s Book:

Judy's Book

Judy’s Book is a social search tool as well as an online yellow pages that are employed by over a million registered users across the United States. Local businesses, physicians, emergency services, restaurants, dentists, dry cleaners, plumbers, you name it, that they’re all there on Judy’s Book, just a few clicks away. The site allows you to find the best deals and discounts in and around your locations, apart from helping you locate them easily. And although solutions to most of your problems will be found on this service, it is more focused on businesses related to kids and parents.

5 – TripAdvisor:


Not much needs to be said about TripAdvisor because you must definitely have heard it’s named prior to this. Originally founded in the year 2000, it’s essentially a travel website aimed at showering vacationers with information related to hotels, restaurants, attractions and other travel-related businesses. TripAdvisor boasts of more than 32 million members from all over the world, who’ve collectively posted more than 100 million reviews on it. This makes it an incredibly helpful tool for those looking for services similar to Yelp.

7 – MerchantCircle:


MerchantCircle is a Mountain View-based start-up that has been aimed by its creators at assisting small businesses in networking with other local businesses. And that’s not all; it even provides them with neat tools to reach out to local customers using marketing tools and social media features. Apart from the usual features that each of the sites like Yelp possesses, MerchantCircle provides something it calls a Merchant score to its businesses based on user reviews. This makes it easier for customers to find high-quality businesses easily.

6 – Citysearch:


Citysearch is a superb online city guide for folks residing in the US, who’re looking for details regarding businesses in the categories of dining, entertainment, retail, travel and professional services. It provides its visitors with contact information, maps, driving directions, editorials and user reviews for the businesses it has listed. The site itself is a pretty standard affair, with no big attractions to boast about, but it still deserves to be looked at by those who’re interested in finding more such helpful social local review sites.


That brings our list of Yelp alternatives to a close, and we’d like to end it saying that we might have missed out on other similar options while trying to accommodate the best ones according to us. In such a case, feel free to mention those in the comments section with your opinions on them.