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Yahoo’s Livetext app brings silent video chats worldwide now

Only a few weeks ago, Yahoo managed to launch a unique messaging app named Livetext which had its focus set on video chats. Back then this utility was only released for iOS devices and that too, for those living in Hong Kong. However, it has now been given a proper global launch, and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Yahoo Livetext wants to differentiate itself by focusing on text chats rather than voice. But at the same time, it also wants live video feeds to be present in your conversations. Keeping these two things in mind, it has created a unique experience, the success of which really hangs in the balance since no one is clear about how it will be received by the audience.

If you happen to be at some place and want to show the place around to your friends, Livetext helps you do that by activating a video chat that’s devoid of sound. You can converse with your friends using the on-screen keyboard that’s rendered in front of you.

Yahoo Livetext

The text messages will keep appearing on your video feeds as both the parties send them. It should be made clear that group chats are not possible in this Yahoo app, as it’s strictly restricted to one-on-one conversations.

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In order to connect, once you’ve downloaded the app you need to get your friends’ Livetext IDs and enter them into the app. With that done, you are now free to start sound-less video conversations with them.

Yahoo Livetext Screenshots

Yahoo’s Livetext app is available free of cost through the Google Play store as well as the Apple App Store right now.