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Yahoo tests new homepage

New Yahoo Homepage Yahoo Inc., the software big-wig has changed the Yahoo home page for a refreshing new change. The latest change is just in the testing stage and is designed to allow users to access multiple accounts including the Yahoo! Mail.

Users will be able to access the AOL Mail, Gmail, and others plus go through the weather forecasts and local events. “We plan to add plenty more preview applications in the future, so that you don’t have to spend as much time jumping from site to site just to stay plugged in,” said Tapan Bhat, SVP, Front Doors, Communities and Network Services, on the official Yahoo blog.

“What does all this mean to you? Since we’re testing with a fraction of homepage visitors chosen at random – starting in the US, UK, France and India – you may be one of the testers! But even if you’re not, we encourage you to share your thoughts on what you want out of your Internet starting point. Keep in mind that we plan to add lots of exciting new things over the course of these tests, since this process is all about making sure we launch the best page for our users,” he added.

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The page retains the original Search Assist feature with new other improved applications and their layout as seen in the screenshot. What is interesting is the users will be able to customize page gradually as Yahoo is testing a new dashboard (on the left) that will enable the previews of user’s favorite Yahoo! and non-Yahoo! services.

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