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Yahoo sues Unknown Phishing Scammers

Yahoo Logo Yahoo has filed a lawsuit against unknown spammers in the U.S. District Court in New York City under federal trademark law, federal anti-spam law and other state laws. Yahoo has accused the spammers of violating the federal Trademark Act and Can-Spam Act and related state laws.

Yahoo claims that the culprits sent an e-mail which said that the recipients have won a lottery, prize, or other award from the site. The web giant further says that this e-mail is hoax and seeks important information such as online passwords, credit-card information, and Social Security numbers from recipients. This is also known as a “phishing” scam.

Later, the information derived from the phishing scam is used for accessing recipients’ bank accounts and credit cards, to apply for unauthorized credit cards or loans, or to falsely create documents bearing the victims’ personal identification. Further, a wide variety of credit and identity scams is committed.

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“The unauthorized use of Yahoo!’s trademarks is misleading, fraudulent, and has actually confused, misled, and deceived the public. Yahoo! will vigorously enforce its intellectual property rights and will not tolerate lottery hoax emails,” said Joe Siino, Senior Vice President, Yahoo! Global IP and Business Strategy.

Even though the spammers have not been identified as of now, Yahoo hopes to track them soon and put them behind the bars.

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