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Yahoo! Products now Accessible for the Visually Impaired

Yahoo! Products made accessible Visually impaired people who frequently need to use the Internet, find that the only option that helps them operate- speech software- is actually incompatible with a number of Web sites and is often slowed down by high graphic content on such pages. Now, Yahoo! India has launched an initiative that could bring a large community of people with various disabilities on to the Internet.

Yahoo! India Research and Development) has made its Yahoo! Mail Classic, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! IM, Yahoo! Search and Yahoo! Finance “fully accessible” amongst other products.

The Internet giant who has a large presence in India said that Yahoo! Mail Classic, which has support for accessibility, will helo the visually impaired users to use Yahoo! Mail with ease as it now works on all standard screen reader software.

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Also, with the presence of magnifiers, the visually impaired will be able to use the Internet to check their email as well as search for content.

This version for the visually impaired was launched by Victor Tsaran, who has worked around his own disability and helped Yahoo! with its research to make their site accessible. This product was launched at the Mitr Jyoti Blind School.

Mr. Tsaran, a Ukranian who is working in the U.S., spoke to the media about the accessibility factor and said that it is challenging because “we live in a world where technology is changing by the day”.

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“It is difficult to keep pace but then there is no perfect world. Purists may not like to hear that but it is true. I hope society will work towards bringing blind people into the mainstream instead of looking at them as objects of charity.”

He also spoke about the need for job opportunities for the blind and said that services for the blind should not be ignored.

All users need to do is basically familiarize themselves with the screen reader and screen magnifier software before using Yahoo! Mail with Accessibility features. Otherwise, just with basic Internet connectivity, any user with physical disabilities will be able to experience the new Yahoo! Mail.

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