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Yahoo oneSearch 2.0 Mobile Search Service introduced at CTIA 2008

Yahoo oneSearch 2.0

Yahoo has launched oneSearch 2.0, a new version of its mobile search service at CTIA 2008. The most important feature would be that the new version will allow users to initiate searches faster using text or even voice. Also the internet giant plans to offer greater relevance through richer, more detailed search results. This can be achieved by opening up Yahoo oneSearch to publishers to integrate content, simplify search input with Search Assist and voice-enabled search and make search instantly accessible on the idle screen of many phones.

Marco Boerries, executive vice president, Connected Life, Yahoo said, “With the launch of Yahoo! oneSearch in 2007, we revolutionized mobile search by re-creating search specifically for the mobile phone, focusing on answers, not just Web links. In just over a year, we signed 29 partnerships with carriers across the globe, covering more than 600 million consumers under contract.”

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Boerries further added, “With Yahoo! oneSearch 2.0, we are fundamentally changing the way consumers use the Internet on their mobile phones.”

Yahoo has added a new feature named Search Assist that includes predictive text for faster search query typing process.

With the help of the Yahoo’s Search Assist users can achieve:

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  • Faster and easier input – reducing the time it takes to enter in your search query.
  • Predictive text completion – as you begin to type, Search Assist surfaces the most common search queries in real time that match the letters you have submitted so far. As soon as you see a query that matches what you were typing, select it and your results are returned. For instance, a consumer searching for information about “Hillary Clinton” can just type “hil” and search assist will instantly suggest “Hillary Clinton” along with “Perez Hilton,” ”Hillary Duff” and the other most common search terms containing those letters.
  • Contextual recommendations – Search Assist is intelligent enough to recommend more refined results than your initial query. For example, as you type in “Apple,” Search Assist may recommend links such as Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, or Apple stock price.
  • Voice enabled oneSearch is initially be available only on few smartphone models such as 8800 series, Curve and Pearl devices in the US.

    The new Yahoo oneSearch can be downloaded from http://m.yahoo.com/voice.

    Moreover Yahoo has also announced the release of a mobile search feature making the search instantly accessible on many mobile phones’ idle screens. This is expected to be shipped in Q2 of 2008.

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