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Yahoo! Mash, yet another Social Network Arrives

Yahoo! Mash logo After the not-so-successful Yahoo! 360, the company’s back with another social network platform.

The internet search company’s much rumored social network dubbed “Mash” has arrived. In a blog posting, Yahoo! stated that from yesterday the company has begun inviting the non-Yahoo, i.e. people who are not working with the American company, to test Mash.

The Mash blog claims that this search engine is different from other social networks as in Mash you can start profiles for your friends and “open” your own profile to friends you trust. Sounds a little vague, hope they elaborate on this bit soon. Furtheron, in Mash you can also apparently customize your profile or friends’ profiles with other apps.

On the blog, Mash’s head Will Aldrich concludes stating:

    One last note before you jump in: Mash is still pretty raw — there are bugs
    and we haven’t gotten to several of the features it really should have.

Well, this leaves us with just one question – What happens of Yahoo 360 now?