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Yahoo! Mail service debuts in Hindi

Yahoo Mail in Hindi On Tuesday, Internet giant Yahoo! announced that its free mail services are now available not just in English but in the Hindi language as well.

John Kremer, vice president, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! said, “Yahoo! is the first Internet company to introduce Hindi language services in the country.”

“We have always been focused on making it easy for people to connect to those who matter most to them. Now, with Yahoo! Mail Classic, we’re creating a more local e-mail experience. Our product and engineering teams in India have played a crucial role in this localization,” added Kremer.

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Thus, users will now be able to read and write emails in Hindi without losing out on any of the features that are available in English.

‘Yahoo! Mail in Hindi is relevant to the 200 million Indians who are expected to come online in the next few years. This will also be an attractive product for a large section of our advertisers, who want to reach out to the non-English speaking Indian population,’ stated Pranesh Anthapur, chief administrative officer, Yahoo! India.

Arathi Vedantam, communications head, Yahoo! India, confirmed, ‘We will soon make all our products available to Hindi users. We have already launched Yahoo! messenger service in nine regional languages including Hindi.’

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Yahoo! India which officially launched in the country in June 2000 presents a range of communications, commerce and content services. Incidentally, Yahoo! Messenger also introduced a new Web-based version of its instant messaging service, which has been termed as ideal for travelers and office workers with firewall constraints.

This allows users to chat in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, and Gujarati.

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