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Yahoo gives out more updates on its homepage testing

Yahoo Homepage test

Yahoo recently divulged in more details on its Yahoo homepage. The Yahoo homepage is known to be in the test phase since September 2008. Yahoo now reveals that the first phase of the Yahoo homepage test is complete. Yahoo claims that the test page mainly finds its roots on user feedback.

Yahoo also gave out more details about its new section called ‘My Apps’. Yahoo is working on including more than 25 apps for this section. The company will now offer users many functions like reading and responding to multiple mail accounts, browsing local movie listings and more.

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Yahoo has also added apps from eBay, Forbes.com, Wired.com and other brands. The company has also improved its Sports and Finance apps. By customizing the My Apps section, Yahoo’s homepage will now allow users to add or remove apps as per their convenience.

With one-click access to stock portfolios and stock quotes, users will also be offered schedules, team standings, blog links and much more with the enhanced Sports and Finance apps. Yahoo has also lightened the home page due to customer feedback on the dark color that was originally tested for the homepage.

In addition the Yahoo homepage will also offer users easier access and preview of their email and instant messaging accounts.

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The Yahoo team collected user inputs by reading comments on Yodel, reviewing online feedback forms and referring to customer care inquiries.

There is no word yet on the launch date of the final Yahoo homepage, though we should see it coming around soon.

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