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Yahoo Buzz now opens to public

Yahoo’s Buzz is all set to buzz the news world on the internet as it opens for the general public today. More sites can take part and anyone from anywhere can now ‘buzz up’ the buzzable news, videos, content from any publisher on the web and rate them.

Yahoo! Buzz

“What does this mean for you? Anything you find on the Web is now buzzable. Any of the Web’s best current event stories, gossip, photos, videos and more can be submitted and shared on Yahoo! Buzz. You’ve already seen the “Buzz Up” buttons on many of your favorite sites, including New York Times, Us Weekly and BoingBoing,” says Tapan Bhat Senior Vice President of Front Doors, Communities and Network Services at Yahoo on the official blog.

Now that it is open to more publishers, the sites can just add the ‘Buzz’ button to it. This will also provide more-than-they-can-handle content on your list as you go about buzzing contents on the Internet. If you find content on site appealing and the website doesn’t have a buzz button, then you can directly submit the story on Yahoo! Buzz and share it with everyone, explains Bhat. The more unique the story is the more chances it will have of coming on the Yahoo! homepage.

Six months prior to today, the Yahoo Buzz news-aggregator service was available to only 400 participants and 5 million users. Yet, it proved to be super-hit attracting high web traffic, reportedly even beating down Digg.