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Yahoo announces to be Social by End of 2008

Yahoo Logo Yahoo has announced to turn its portal into a social hub with the help of the hosting applications from other online services. Yahoo claims that it’s new look will offer flexibility to customize Web pages to its 500 million users.

The more open platform is identical to online social places such as Facebook and MySpace.com. Widgets, numerous mini-applications will deliver customizability to users.

Moreover, Yahoo is now making it easier to connect with friends and family through its website. Yahoo will highlight messages from e-mail users’ most frequent connections allowing them to track the activities and opinions of online buddies.

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“We are going to rewire the entire experience at Yahoo to make it social in every dimension,” said Ari Balogh, Yahoo’s chief technology officer at Web 2.0 conference.

As of now Yahoo has not announced about the time when the site will go through a make over. However Balogh said that the change should take place before the end of this year.

While going so open, Yahoo has also ensured privacy measures over personal information of users.

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Earlier Yahoo had introduced a social network called 360 in 2005. However because of poor response, the service was shut down.

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