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Yahoo adds contact management tool Xobni to its shopping bag


The shopping spree that Yahoo is currently on, doesn’t seem to have any intention of stopping, for just after yesterday’s acquisition of the Qwiki video production app, it has gone ahead and purchased Xobni, a contact management tool. Details about the financials of this deal, have been kept secret, but according to word that has reached Tech Crunch, about $60 million have been coughed up by the Sunnyvale-headquartered company.

Xobni by the way is what the word ‘inbox’ will be if spelled backwards. For Yahoo, this acquisition means the know-how of a developer which has been delivering smart, automatic and connected address books for a long time. Following the breaking of this news, Xobni’s Smartr Contacts application on Android as well the Xobni for BlackBerry tools were taken off the Google Play store and Blackberry World, respectively.

Smartr Contacts, which will now be under the control of Yahoo, is one of Xobni’s top products. This free app automatically concocts rich profiles of all the contacts in one’s directory, infusing them with communication history as well as updates from Facebook and Twitter among other things. With both its Android and Blackberry versions having been taken down, it’s only available for iOS as of now. There’s no word out on whether or not the other two editions will go back online.

It was just yesterday that we saw search giant Yahoo spending big bucks once again to purchase the Qwiki iPhone video app. This deal apparently went up to $50 million. The app works to bring together information related to various topics from sources on the web. In the past few months, the company has gone ahead and purchased a number of different products including the likes of Tumblr, Summly, GoPollGo and Jybe. It will most probably now be looking at integrating them to deliver a Google-like experience.

The deals that Yahoo has been hitting off lately don’t ever seem like they’re going to stop. So keep an eye out for more.