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Xplore XCS ultra rugged tablets arrive with advanced mobile hardware solution in tow

Xplore Tech XCS ultra rugged tablets belonging to the iX104 range of the company have been introduced for users who require a sturdy device for outdoor use. And if the company is to be believed, then the gadgets are loaded with an advanced set of features as well, thus allowing them to be perfectly productive even in challenging conditions. The range boasts of the DMSR, M2 and DM/DML variants.

The military grade Xplore XCS tablets have acquired the MIL-STD-801G certifications, making them capable of resisting shocks, vibration and drops from a height of up to 7 feet on plywood over concrete and 4 feet on concrete. This is possible with a little help from the bumper protection system for the edges and the magnesium alloy chassis.

Xplore XCS Rugged Tablet

And what’s more, the sturdy devices have the IP67 ratings for withstanding dust and staying immersed for up to 30 minutes in up to a meter of water. In case you are one of those who have to deal with extreme climatic conditions, then you may appreciate these devices’ ability to remain operational in temperatures ranging from -34° F to 140° F. The UL 1604 and ATEX certifications have been offered for making them apt for potentially explosive environments too.

The Intel Core processor-powered tabs make the most of the Windows 8.1 OS and even extend support to up to 4GB of system memory and a 128GB SSD. Their 10.4-inch LED IPS touchscreens should deliver clear visuals even in bright sunlight and potential buyers will find most of the common attributes including connectivity features in these slates.

Xplore XCS iX104 Tablets

The Xplore XCS iX104 ultra rugged tablets are available now for a starting price of $5,299. They are backed by a three-year international warranty.