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Xiaomi’s offering discounts in exchange for recycling your old electronics

Xiaomi Recycling

Xiaomi’s launched a new electronics recycling program in India with an eye on reducing e-waste in the country. It’s partnered with TES-AMM for the initiative and is promising discount coupons worth Rs 100 for participants.

Xiaomi’s e-waste recycling service will take all sorts of electronic items including mobiles, headphones, power banks, chargers, and speakers. However, the company will only accept products which have reached the end of its life cycle and are intended to be discarded as waste since it’s no longer operational.

Xiaomi isn’t promising any support for damaged or faulty gadgets. No repairs or exchanges will be entertained since the program is only meant for functional items. To get started, people will have to fill out an e-waste recycling form on the brand’s site with the required details.

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They’ll then be contacted by Xiaomi’s e-waste recycling partner to coordinate the pickup. Individuals can also opt to directly drop off their product at the firm’s service centers. The manufacturer is notably accepting devices from any brand, not just its own. It’s advising participants to secure and wipe out all data from their items before handing it over.

Xiaomi is not imposing any fee to recycle gadgets sold in India. It’s trying to encourage participation by pledging to give a Rs 100 coupon for every pickup request that’s been successfully completed. This voucher is only valid on accessories priced at Rs 1000 and above. Moreover, it’ll only be granted to people who provide complete phone units and not spare parts or other products.

You can sign up for Xiaomi’s recycling scheme here and find out more about the program here.